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Corbett Land Strategies - We Will Position Your Site for Future Success


We Will Position Your Site for Future Success

Located in Burlington, Ontario, Corbett Land Strategies has been providing urban planning services to the Greater Toronto Area and Province of Ontario since 1987. We offer a wide range of residential, industrial, and commercial land use planning expertise in urban design, planning policy, community design, development approvals, community consultation, and project management.


We are an imaginative, aggressive, development-friendly firm. We find creative solutions to some of the most restrictive development climates. Our goal is to turn restrictions into win-win scenarios. We understand the regulatory and political landscape and strive to implement proposals that go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, and the municipalities involved, through workable solutions and creative ingenuity.


Whether it’s development approvals, land acquisition strategies, or development/landowner coordination and project management, the Corbett Land Strategies team will ensure a smooth process and accomplish the goals set for the project at hand. We also leverage our relationships with local agencies to develop solutions that meet all requirements from start to finish to position your site for future success.

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