Our Services


The principal of Corbett Land Strategies Inc., John B. Corbett, MCIP, RPP has extensive experience in providing expert testimony before the Ontario Municipal Board and other legislative tribunals. Mr. Corbett is available to provide planning advice for hearing preparation or to provide expert testimony.


Corbett Land Strategies Inc. provides a wide range of professional services and project management advice to assist landowner groups in strategically coordinating development approvals and completion through to municipal assumption. Service areas include: * Identification and management of stakeholder interests * Preparing terms of reference and assisting with the engagement of specialized consulting assistance; * Managing multi-disciplinary consultant teams * Preparing and monitoring project scheduling and bdgets * Cost sharing negotiations * Municipal and approval agency liaison * Conflict resolution * Construction oversight and management * Administrative record keeping


Successful investment in land requires strategic assessment of opportunities and risks that involve market, timing, regulatory, partnership, negotiation and co-ordination considerations. With a full understanding of development trends and planning regulations throughout Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area, Corbett Land Strategies Inc. delivers sound strategic advice to private sector investors and land development interests pursuing real estate acquisitions/dispositions, either on a site specific or portfolio basis.


Potential obstacles encountered in the early stages of development can be difficult. We at Corbett Land Strategies do our best to address these issues in the early stages to ensure your plans move forward as seamlessly as possible. Identifying obstacles early on can save time and money from initial stages through to approvals. Our firm offers comprehensive due diligence reports for clients wishing to develop/redevelop property for a wide range of land uses to ensure the establishment of a sound basis for decision making. Full investigation of factors such as land use compatibility, conformity with local and senior level planning documents and legislation, environmental/infrastructure implications, market analysis, community and public consultant requirements will be fully considered in an integrated fashion. Feasibility review are concluded with a risk and strategic opportunity assessment together with solution focused recommendations.


A core focus of the firm is providing a full range of advice and services related to site specific development proposals requiring: * Official Plan Amendments * Zoning By-law Amendments * Plan of Subdivision and Condominium Approvals * Site Plan Approvals * Minor Variance and Consent Approvals; and * Public and Political Stakeholder Consultation Strategies


Master Plans are visionary in nature. We at CLS understand interrelationships between land use, transportation, urban design and economic development. Communities have their own special history, people, geography and challenges. Community Master Planning and Design is an essential component of our service portfolio provided to private sector clients and developer landowner groups. Successful land development begins with establishing integrated community plans that consider land use/community with transportation, environmental, infrastructure and community land needs. The goal is to maximize development value for our clients while meeting the critical planning objectives and mandates of municipal and approval authorities. Corbett Land Strategies is a team rapidly being recognized for their ability provide a forum where stakeholders, landowners and communities are engaged. We provide strategies, listening skills and techniques that provide a venue for participation. The execution of our community engagement participation creates communities that are formed through strategic engagement that provides understanding and confidence. Communities need to be both visionary and viable.